AAAM 44.9 Laboratory Accreditation

A familiar adage tells us, “If you give a fool a tool it doesn’t make him a craftsman.”  The experience of those who have used these technologies the longest (designers and manufacturers of automotive, aerospace and industrial gas turbine equipment) demonstrates that the ancient wisdom of “GIGO” — garbage in, garbage out — is alive and well in advanced metrology.

AAAM's mission is to enhance the stature, understanding, reputation and broad implementation of advanced metrology tools and methods.  These technologies are not without their pitfalls; a series of high-profile and costly industrial mishaps has resulted in a widespread degree of resistance to the broad implementation of technologies that could, in competent hands, save cost and time.

As with traditional, more primitive metrology tools, competency and experience are indispensable in the effective implementation of these more modern, more advanced tools.  To that end, the Association has created AAAM 44.9 as the standard for advanced metrology laboratory accreditation.  AAAM 44.9 certification is a scrupulously thorough, tiered process designed to assure clients that any AAAM 44.9-accredited body is competent to use advanced metrological technologies according to the highest professional standards.