To demonstrate competency, testing laboratories, agencies, institutions, manufacturers and other practitioners that seek AAAM 44.9 accreditation must undergo a threefold process:
  1. Prerequisite qualification
  2. Prescriptive criteria
  3. Performance analysis
Prerequisite qualification is based on whether a candidate for accreditation meets basic laboratory standards, chiefly by holding ISO 9001 (or AS9100) and ISO 17025 accreditation.

Some industry-specific programs require laboratory competency in the respective industries.  For example, candidates for the aerospace rider must hold AS9100 certification.
After it is determined that the candidate’s prerequisite qualifications have been met, the AAAM 44.9 review board evaluates prescriptive criteria, which include a detailed analysis of managerial and staff experience with client industries, print interpretation, the relevant equipment, and CAD and other software. These requirements are based on consensus among industry leaders with 10 or more years of experience in the implementation of advanced metrology.

Performance analysis, proprietary to the Association’s accreditation guidelines, include laboratory or usage environment inspection, ANOVA Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility studies, managerial and staff proficiency with print interpretation, hardware, and CAD and other software, and a direct examination of business practices with a focus on quality assurance procedures.