The American Association of Advanced Metrology's member laboratories serve clients across a wide spectrum of precision industries.  The Association has gone to great lengths to develop a certification standard sufficiently comprehensive to provide Association members the credibility they need in order to serve the breadth and depth of precision manufacturers' needs.

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AAAM 44.9 certification is based on the candidate laboratory’s performance of precision measurements on the Association's feature-rich precision artifact, traceable to NIST #821/279484-10, #821/279484-10, #681/279723-10.  The Association has developed the artifact based on information and advice from careful selection of professionals in advanced industrial inspection.

The AAAM 44.9 specification contains sufficient guidelines for advanced metrological professionals to perform all required measurements and create the numerical and color-plot comparisons to the artifact's CAD model.  As professionals in our emerging industry know, three-dimensional color plot reports are the shining strength of the latest measurement technologies.  The measurements and reports required for AAAM 44.9 certification — when successfully executed and published — demonstrate competence to use these game-changing technologies.

At $2000 per piece, the artifact is available in a range of sizes to suit your measurement envelope.  The Association typically recommends that laboratories purchase at least two sizes to encompass the range of measurement envelopes.  For further information, contact