The American Association of Advanced Metrology provides accreditation and training services in the implementation of advanced metrological technology for the benefit of precision manufacturers among its member bodies’ customer base.

The Association’s accreditation is conferred through a three-step process, beginning with the prerequisite qualification of minimum laboratory standards, particularly by possession of certification in ISO9001 and/or AS9100 and/or ISO17025.  After prerequisite certifications have been met, accreditation is based on an amalgam of demonstrated performance and prescriptive criteria.

Performance criteria, proprietary to the Association’s accreditation guidelines, include laboratory inspection, ANOVA Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility studies, managerial and staff proficiency with relevant hardware and software, and an examination of business practices with a focus on quality assurance procedures specific to the application of modern measurement and inspection technologies.

Prescriptive analysis, proprietary to the Association’s accreditation guidelines, includes a detailed analysis of managerial and staff experience with client industries and with the relevant equipment and software, and are based on consensus among industry leaders that have had 10 or more years of experience in the implementation of advanced metrology.

Industry-specific programs are tailored for member bodies that serve specialty markets and that seek to expand the implementation of advanced metrology into industries whose regulators and stakeholders might be less familiar with the basic ideas.  To the extent that they improve quality and reduce costs, these activities are vigorously encouraged.  As declared in the Association’s mission statement, the Association exists (in part) to provide its members with opportunities to expand their market reach.  Accreditation is designed to support and meet this end.

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors (BOD) that is elected by individual, institutional and organizational members (one vote per member).  The BOD’s membership comprises leaders from the metrology and precision manufacturing professions, coming from both the private and public sectors.  The BOD meets, at a minimum, once per calendar year for the sole purpose of appointing Executive Officers and Councils which administer the day-to-day affairs of the Association.  It is the purview of the BOD to determine the number, membership, scope and authority of each Executive Officer and Council, and to vote to retain, replace or eliminate Officers and Councils according to the Association’s By-Laws.

The Association is funded through membership dues, training course fees, and accreditation fees, among other services.  Most of the Association’s revenues are used to cover expenses associated with accreditation assessment.