The American Association of Advanced Metrology is a professional society of, by and for its members.  Membership in the Association is intended to confer a slate of benefits separate from those that proceed from being an accredited body.  Therefore, membership does not imply status as an accredited body; nor does accreditation automatically confer membership.

Membership dues are paid in order to fulfill requirements for Association membership.  Accreditation fees are paid (in addition to meeting all prerequisite, prescriptive and performance criteria as determined during assessment) in order to fulfill requirements for AAAM accreditation.

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Membership dues are assessed according to the following schedule:

Enterprise membership: US$10,000/year.  Enterprise membership is open to U.S. and international corporations, for-profit research and testing laboratories, interested in the development of a nationally- and internationally-recognized slate of minimum capabilities and performance criteria for standardizing and accrediting quality implementation of advanced metrological technologies.

Organizational membership: US$5000/year.  Open to governmental/defense agencies, professional and trade associations.

Institutional membership: US$5000/year.  Open to educational institutions and non-profit research and testing laboratories.

Individual membership: US$2000/year.  Open to any individual who is interested in furthering the Association’s mission and goals.