The American Association of Advanced Metrology’s overarching mission is to:
  1. Promote wider awareness and acceptance of advanced metrological technologies that have emerged since the beginning of the 21st Century;
  2. Enhance stakeholder confidence in  the quality and reliability of advanced metrology by establishing global recognition of the Association’s comprehensive accreditation program;
  3. Promote a fertile and active exchange of ideas among peers in order to improve advanced metrology’s beneficial impact on modern manufacturing and global competitiveness;
  4. Provide opportunities for member organizations to apply advanced metrology in new and emerging markets.

The Association seeks to realize its mission by pursuing the following goals:
  1. Through testing and certifying proficiency and accreditation of member bodies, ensure that advanced metrological technologies are implemented correctly, proficiently and responsibly;
  2. Expand on the existing standard with industry-specific programs that will assist member bodies in increasing their market share in precision manufacturing markets;
  3. Through an up-to-date comprehensive and expanding schedule of training courses, permit member bodies to increase their proficiency and competitiveness in the modern metrology industry;
  4. Through an open governance polity, enable member bodies to participate actively in AAAM administration as staff and Board of Directors members.