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Who We Are

The American Association of Advanced Metrology (AAAM) is a non-profit, non-governmental multidisciplinary membership society, providing:
  1. Performance standards
  2. Operator and systems accreditation
  3. Training services
The Association serves a wide range of organizations that wish to maximize their proficiency in established and emerging advanced metrological technologies.

Because these technologies are so new, an accepted implementation standard has been slow to emerge.  As a result, top practitioners have often found themselves discredited by mistakes that others have made.  Equipment manufacturers, test labs, and measurement and inspection service companies sometimes encounter baseless doubts about their capabilities and reliability.

By establishing uniform proficiency criteria, the Association is helping to solve that problem.  Uniform accreditation and training services improve and enhance the reputation and performance of advanced metrology among precision manufacturers, improve stakeholder confidence in the technology’s quality and reliability, and ease market penetration by the Association’s accredited member bodies.

The Association’s membership roster comprises diverse private- and public-sector individuals and organizations.  Member bodies represent governmental and defense agencies, private non-profit and for-profit research and testing laboratories, academic institutions, and leaders in precision manufacturing and testing industries ranging from aerospace and wind turbine manufacturers to designers of emerging biotechnology and forensic examination equipment.  Anybody with an interest in more confidently and more successfully applying modern metrological technologies would benefit from participation in and certification to the American Association of Advanced Metrology's qualifications.